Reform Health Care Right

We are committed to fully repealing Washington’s health care takeover and replacing it with genuine health care reform that empowers patients and doctors, not politicians and bureaucrats. This is the best strategy to unleash American ingenuity and creativity to cure diseases and make our lives longer and better.

Phil Kerpen

They wrote the law and they should be forced to live with it -- but Obama gave Congress a special exemption. That's wrong. Demand Congress end its own special Obamacare exemption.

By Heather R. Higgins and Phil Kerpen

From USA Today:

By: Holly Wilson

Yesterday, the United Nations released a report from the Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on Medicines. This troubling report contains many mischaracterizations and selective oversights that undermine intellectual property protections – the driving force behind innovation, growth, and success in the creation and discovery of new cures.

By Phil Kerpen

The health insurance exchanges that are the beating heart of Obamacare are on the edge of collapse, with premiums rising sharply for ever narrower provider networks, non-profit health co-ops shuttering their doors, and even the biggest insurance companies heading for the exits amid mounting losses.  Even the liberal Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill is warning of a possible “Obamacare meltdown” this fall.