Reform Health Care Right

We are committed to fully repealing Washington’s health care takeover and replacing it with genuine health care reform that empowers patients and doctors, not politicians and bureaucrats. This is the best strategy to unleash American ingenuity and creativity to cure diseases and make our lives longer and better.

By Phil Kerpen

By Phil Kerpen

The biggest victory for taxpayers in the Obamacare fight so far was the enactment in late 2014 of language prohibiting the Risk Corridor program from being transformed into an open-ended bailout for big insurance companies.  Unfortunately that language is now being sidestepped by a scheme in which the Obama administration invited the big insurance companies to sue the government, which in turn is likely to take a dive on the lawsuit and then make the bailout payments anyway.  It’s outrageous and must be stopped.

Health insurance premiums are rising because of Obamacare.  And there is still one year left of the assorted reinsurance programs designed to mask premium increases, suggesting next year’s jumps will be even more eye-popping.  That’s a political and logistical disaster for the Democrats who wrote the law and tied their political fortunes to its success.  But rather than admit their law is too restrictive and come to the table to negotiate bipartisan reforms, Democr

People care about health care because they care about health. That might seem obvious, but maybe not in Washington, where health care policy debates tend to be more about which pile of paperwork will be filled out by government bureaucrats versus insurance company bureaucrats than with actually improving health.

So today’s hearing by Chairman Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in the Senate Commerce Committee  Subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness, “Unlocking the Cures for America’s Most Deadly Diseases,” was a breath of fresh air.