AC Ad Applauds Mitch McConnell, Blasts Carbon Tax - American Commitment

Washington, D.C.—American Commitment is launching an online ad campaign in the Kentucky and Washington, DC markets April 10 aimed at supporting Senator Mitch McConnell and his stalwart opposition to the economically devastating carbon tax that would hurt families and undermine economic growth.
The compelling ad, titled “Thank you, Mitch McConnell,” praises the Senate Minority Leader for his leadership in protecting taxpayers and blocking the disastrous carbon tax from becoming law.
“The carbon tax would be economically ruinous for Kentucky and America—and Senator McConnell deserves enthusiastic praise for insisting the Senate hold a vote on the Blunt Amendment to stop it,” said Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment. “The carbon tax would drive up energy expenses for families and businesses, cause gasoline prices to surge more than 20 cents per gallon, and destroy 50,000 jobs in Kentucky alone. Senator McConnell has led the way in blocking this prosperity-killing policy.”
The ad begins, “Gas prices, food prices, it seems like everything is going up these days. And Washington keeps making it worse—voting to take more money out of our pockets at every opportunity.”
“But not Senator Mitch McConnell. He stood up for hard working taxpayers and voted to block the carbon tax.”
The ad notes that the carbon tax proposed by Senate Democrats would drive gasoline prices more than 20 cents higher per gallon, increase energy bills, and kill 50,000 jobs in Kentucky. Even more pernicious, the new energy tax would automatically increase every year to fund more wasteful spending in Washington, DC.
The ad concludes by urging citizens to: “Call Senator McConnell. Thank him for standing up for hard working Kentuckians.”
The ad can be viewed online at: