AC and Fiscal Conservative Coalition Oppose Draft House Farm Bill - American Commitment

American Commitment is strongly opposed to the draft House Farm Bill that will be marked up in committee this week. This bill spends nearly a trillion dollars, with over 75 percent of it going to food stamps. It fails to accomplish meaningful reforms or subsidies. The bottom line is we can’t afford it. Republicans in particular, who campaigned on cutting spending, should know better.
Today we joined ten other leading fiscally conservative watchdog groups opposing the draft bill in join letter sent to the Hill. The letter concludes:
Since America’s agricultural economy is strong, now is the time to roll back the wasteful and unnecessary taxpayer subsidies. This strength and the glaring weakness of the federal budget – $15 trillion in debt and trillion dollar deficits for the next decade – make it essential that Washington’s role in agricultural policy be reduced. FARRM does the exact opposite. The House of Representatives must lead a full and open legislative debate on the Farm Bill reauthorization. Taxpayers can afford nothing less.
Joint Letter House Draft Farm Bill 7-10-2010 Final