AC Florida Ad Urges Bill Nelson to Support Repeal - American Commitment

American Commitment is launching a major $1.1 million television ad buy today in the state of Florida exposing Sen. Bill Nelson’s record of supporting the ruinous Obama health law.
The ad, titled “Facts,” highlights Sen. Bill Nelson’s record of casting the deciding vote for law.
The ad notes that the bill could cost taxpayers $2 trillion and that Sen. Nelson’s vote imposed the “largest tax increase in history on the middle class.”
It further highlights that the Obama health law supported by Sen. Nelson cuts $500 billion from Medicare to pay for new government programs while millions could now lose their coverage.
The ad implores Florida residents to tell Sen. Bill Nelson to “Protect Florida patients. Repeal the health care law.”
“Sen. Bill Nelson is hurting the very Florida patients and seniors he was elected to represent,” said Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment. “This law cuts $500 billion from Medicare and imposes a monstrous tax increase on the middle class. Sen. Bill Nelson should take responsibility for his actions, acknowledge this failure, and vote to repeal this disastrous legislation.”
To watch the ad and sign a petition to Senator Bill Nelson, click here.