AC New Mexico Ad Urges Martin Heinrich to Stop Raising Taxes - American Commitment

American Commitment is launching a $110,000 television ad buy today in the state of New Mexico exposing Rep. Martin Heinrich’s record of supporting tax increases on the middle class and reckless spending.
The ad, titled “Stands,” highlights Rep. Martin Heinrich’s vote for Obama’s $1.7 trillion health law—“a massive tax increase on the middle class.”
The ad declares, “Now he refuses to stop another tax hike” that will cost an average of $2,300.
The ad urges Rep. Martin Heinrich to stand with New Mexico and oppose more taxes on hardworking Americans.
“Rep. Martin Heinrich is hurting the very New Mexico taxpayers he was elected to represent,” said Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment. “It’s time for Rep. Heinrich to stop supporting Obama’s tax increases and reckless spending policies that are hurting hardworking Americans.”
To watch the ad and sign a petition to Martin Heinrich, click here.