AC Praises Inhofe, Promises to Continue Fight - American Commitment

American Commitment President Phil Kerpen issued the following statement in response to today’s 46-53 vote on the Inhofe Resolution, S.J.. Res. 37:
Senator Inhofe deserves enormous credit for forcing one of the only meaningful Senate votes that will take place this year. Even though it came up short, this vote put every senator on the record on the critical question of where they stand on Obama’s war on coal. Combined with other MACT rules, related regulations, and the disastrous pending greenhouse gas NSPS, the stakes for affordable, reliable electricity could not be higher.
Unfortunately, only five Democrats passed the test. We commend Mary Landrieu, Joe Manchin, Ben Nelson, Mark Warner, and Jim Webb for standing up for affordable electricity, even though it meant criticizing a president of their own party.
We were disappointed that five Republicans voted No. LamarAlexander, Kelly Ayotte, Scott Brown, Susan Collins, and Olympia Snowe missed an opportunity to stand up to regulatory excess.
Now our focus will shift to holding accountable the senators who most egregiously betrayed the economic interests of their states, including Lamar Alexander, Sherrod Brown, Bob Casey Jr., Kay Hagan,Claire McCaskill, Bill Nelson, Mark Pryor, Debbie Stabenow, Jon Tester, and Mark Udall. Their constituents deserve to know that these senators are responsible for the impending skyrocketing of their electricity bills.