AC Praises Senator Ron Johnson for Standing up to IRS Power Grab - American Commitment

American Commitment President Phil Kerpen issued the following statement on today’s introduction by Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) of S.J.Res.48, a Congressional Review Act Resolution of Disapproval overturning the IRS health care exchange rule:
Kudos to Senator Ron Johnson for stepping forward to lead the fight to overturn the IRS health care power grab and protect the right of states to opt out of the new health care law’s vast new taxpayer-funded subsidy entitlement.
Under the CRA, Senator Johnson can force a Senate floor vote on S.J.Res.48 with the help of 29 of his Senate colleagues, giving the American people an opportunity to see where every senator stands on this astonishing IRS power grab.
If the IRS rule stands, businesses that are in states that lawfully opted out will be subjected to employer penalty taxes by the IRS. Literally taxation without representation.
Fortunately, thanks to Senator Johnson’s leadership, the Senate can overturn this outrageous IRS dictate and protect the lawful right of states to opt out of President Obama’s new health care subsidies and employer taxes.
American Commitment plans to launch a major effort to support Senate consideration and passage of Ron Johnson’s resolution.