AC supports Scott Walker and opposes new union-run casino - American Commitment

American Commitment has joined the fight against Big Labor in Wisconsin. American Commitment supports free market/limited-government efforts of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and opposes the plan to open a new union run casino by the Menominee Tribe Casino in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
The proposed casino has been controversial for the last 20 years. It was originally denied by the Bureau of Indian Affairs under President Bush, but now after the Obama administration reversed the Bush BIA decision to reward his Big Labor buddies, only Gov. Walker can stop what will be the first union run casino in the state of Wisconsin.
Notably the casino is over 200 miles away from the tribe’s reservation and according to the free-market Wisconsin Policy Research Institute this proposed project won’t bring new jobs to the state. However, Big Labor has admitted that they plan to implement card check at the site. Yes that’s right, the same unions that sought to recall Governor Walker are asking him to approve the first fully unionized casino — one that would eliminate the secret ballot and require every Casino worker to join the union.
We support Governor Walker and applaud his strong leadership in taking on the bloated government employee unions in Wisconsin and now we expect him to stand and fight against union leaders taking over Indian gaming in Wisconsin.