AC Wisconsin Ad Buy Hits Tammy Baldwin's Record - American Commitment

American Commitment is launching a nearly $500,000 television ad buy today in the state of Wisconsin exposing Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s record of putting special interests ahead of Wisconsin jobs.
The ad, titled “Cheating,” highlights Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s vote to put thousands of Wisconsin paper jobs in danger. It also emphasizes Rep. Baldwin’s vote for the $831 billion failed stimulus package and $1 trillion Obama health law—which will force America to borrow more money from China, a nation Rep. Baldwin had labeled a cheater.
“Rep. Tammy Baldwin is hurting the very Wisconsin taxpayers she was elected to represent,” said Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment. “It’s time for Rep. Baldwin to stop putting special interests in Washington, DC ahead of her constituents in Wisconsin.”
To watch the ad and sign a petition to Tammy Baldwin, click here.