American Commitment Foundation Files Omicron Science Amicus Brief - American Commitment

Washington, D.C.—AmericanCommitment Foundationis today filing an amicus brief with the Supreme Court of the United States against the Biden Administration’s controversial COVID vaccine mandates.

Partnering with epidemiologists Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University and Andrew Bostom of Brown University, the American Commitment Foundation amicus brief informs the court that the Omicron variant is now dominant, that Omicron is not a grave danger, and that mandated vaccines are not effective at reducing Omicron infection.

“The Biden Administration has overstepped its authority and made a mockery of science. We urge the Supreme Court to invalidate these vaccine mandates,” saidPhil Kerpen,president of American Commitment Foundation. “The Administration is now mandatinga vaccine designed for a two-year old virus that no longer exists, when the virus that’s everywhere is dramatically less dangerous—on par with a typical respiratory virus—and the mandated vaccines are ineffective at stopping infections from sweeping the country. Without even considering the mandate’s many constitutional and statutory defects, it should be easy for the Supreme Court to stay it just based on the evolving scientific facts.”

The amicus brief can be viewed online at:

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