Bloomberg Bans Again - American Commitment

Having already banned smoking and large soft drinks, and taken steps againsttrans fats and salt,America’s foremost proponent of government control over consumer choices has set his sights on Styrofoam food containers. But don’t worry. “We’re not banning everything!” Mayor Michael Bloomberg insists. So take solace, New Yorkers — this is a significant pullback from the mayor’s 2007 statement: “We ban everything.”
Banning Styrofoam (actually a brand name; the general term is polystyrene foam) is yet another ridiculous “priority” from the mayor who overturned the city’s term limits — twice approved by the voters — on the theory that his financial expertise was indispensable, then spent his third term ignoring finances so he could focus on banning, well, maybe not everything, but a lot of things.
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