Rep. John Joyce from Pennsylvania has introduced H.R. 1435, the Preserving Choice for Vehicle Purchases Act, which would block California’s proposed ban on internal combustion vehicles.  The bill is scheduled for House floor consideration this week.

The automobile market is national and the global climate change issue is literally global.  California’s authority derives from a waiver the Biden administration granted them to set their own vehicle’s standards – despite the obvious adverse effect on interstate commerce.

H.R. 1435 amends federal law to prohibit the use of a Clean Air Act waiver to impose an internal combustion vehicle ban.  This is critical for all Americans because the waiver allows California to set de facto standards for the whole country by forcing manufacturers to shift their production to electric vehicles.

Congressman Joyce is right to say, “California regulators shouldn’t have the power to determine what vehicles are sold to families in Pennsylvania.” That goes for every other state too.


Don’t Let California Ban Gas Cars!