The Most Destructive Regulator in Washington - American Commitment


It’s always a tough competition, but Biden’s FTC chair Lina Khan has really distinguished herself. Just last week she launched a new investigation into ChatGPT, and we found out that she strongarmed Twitter’s auditor to lie about the company. This is on top of her ongoing assaults on Microsoft, Illumina, non-compete agreements, auto dealers… the list goes on and on. She is even investigating McDonald’s ice cream machines.

How can anyone in Congress want to give more money or power to this agency?

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Here’s where it gets really crazy. The FTC’s budget has already ballooned from $351 million when Khan took over to $430 million this year – a hefty 22 percent jump in just two years. Khan’s budget request for next year is – can you believe this? — $590 million. That would represent an increase of more 50% since 2022 to hire hundreds of lawyers to cripple American companies in service of a radical left-wing economic and social agenda. This is what a spending jump of this would look like:

No More Money or Power for Biden’s Rogue FTC