Federal Taxpayers Paid $1.2B for Failed and Failing State Obamacare Exchanges - American Commitment

Massachusetts was the latest; theymade it official last week. Remarkably, this is a state thatalready hada functioning state health exchange under RomneyCare; after receiving $179 million from federal taxpayers they were able to break that existing exchange beyond repair. They are now pursuing a dual-track approach, requestinganother$120 million from federal taxpayers to start all over again, while also preparing to transition into the federal Healthcare.gov is the reboot effort fails. Hey, why not try? It’s not their money.

Oregonpulled the pluglast month on the Obamacare exchange theWashington Post once indicated was the White House’s favorite. That comes on the heels ofMaryland scrapping its health exchange- although, oddly, they intend to build a new one based on technology from Connecticut. Again, why not if federal taxpayers are willing to pay?

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