Free Market Groups Support IP Transition Trials - American Commitment

Yesterday American Commitment joined the Center for Individual Freedom, Americans for Tax Reform, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Institute for Policy Innovation, and the Taxpayer Protection Alliance in reply comments to the Federal Communications Commission answering objections from left-wing ideological groups to a proposal by AT&T to allow for supervised geographically-limited tests of transitioning from the old-fashioned phone network to a next generation all-Internet Protocol (IP) network. The group comments can be viewed here in the FCC docket and below.
Opponents of free markets insist on importing the old-fashioned, heavy-handed government regulatory model from the old monopoly phone days into the Internet world without any real-world data demonstrating that such an approach is necessary or justified. We think such an approach is wrong based on the overwhelming success of the largely unregulated Internet information services infrastructure – and risks undermining investment and innovation. But right or wrong, it only makes sense to move forward with real-world tests to find out whether regulation is necessary, as the Phoenix Center demonstrated in a recent paper.