Good News on IRS Obamacare Power Grab - American Commitment

Great news! Our friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute today announced a legal challenge to the IRS Obamacare power grab. We’ve written about the power grab here, here, and here – but the short version is the law gives states the power to opt out of the huge new subsidies and employer penalty taxes. But when most states exercised the right, the IRS attempted to illegally rewrite the law to force those states back into the subsidy-and-penalty scheme.
American Commitment activists flooded the Senate last year with letters demanding a vote to overturn the outrageous IRS rule. And we led a coalition of 46 free-market groups. But the Senate failed to act – even though Republicans had enough signatures to force a vote.
Fortunately, with today’s announcement, small businesses are standing up for themselves and taking on the IRS!
Kudos to the plaintiffs and all our allies at CEI, AEI, Cato and elsewhere who are working on this issue.