Groups Unite Against Consumer-Sapping Carbon Tax - American Commitment

Today, a coalition of conservative groups (including American Commitment) voiced staunch opposition to punitive carbon taxes. In a letter to House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, the organizations outlined how additional carbon taxes on fossil fuels would mean higher prices for consumers—and not just at the pump, but for all sorts of market goods.
How so? If a grocery store is forced to pay more in taxes when shipping its produce, that additional cost will be passed on to customers, perhaps in the form of higher food prices. As the letter states, “such marketplace manipulation represents a recipe for unintended consequences and self-inflicted economic damage. Too often, poor and middle class families bear the burden.”
Additionally, the letter points out that carbon taxes are a regressive tax, because both rich and poor Americans would pay the same added percentage at the pump. The coalition added that a CBO study “found that [the costs of enacting a carbon tax] would be more than 2 ½ times higher for the poorest one-fifth of American households than for the richest one-fifth.”
As you can imagine, the enormous consumer price increases associated with a carbon tax don’t bode well for our already-weak economy. The letter states, “as a result of decreased economic activity, a carbon tax would eliminate up to 21 million job equivalents over the next four decades.”
American Commitment is proud to stand with American consumers, as well as our conservative allies, in fighting against this disastrous policy. We hope that Minority Whip Steve Scalise will make sure that no carbon taxation can make it past the House.
Groups Unite Against Consumer-Sapping Carbon Tax