Gruber Documents Subpoenaed - American Commitment

Since getting the word out about the Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber’s comments on the deceitful nature of the passage of Obamacare, our organization has worked hard to keep the pressure on to expose the corruption and deceit at the heart of Obamacare.
So we were thrilled to see him face the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reformearlier this week. Unfrotunately,Gruber was extremely evasive, dodging substantive questions while pleading stupidity for hours earlier this week
He specifically refused to produce for the committee his work product or even disclose how many millions of taxpayer dollars he has collected from federal state governments. Now, as promised, Gruber has been subpoenaed by outgoing Chairman Darrell Issa.
Though apologetic for calling American voters stupid, during the hearing Gruber continuously refused to answer how much he earned as a top healthcare advisor. In other words, Gruber refused to let the American people, whose taxes paid for his hefty fees, know exactly how much money he swindled from the so called “stupid voters” to pass the law. Since Gruber refused numerous times to state an answer to a quite simple question, it is not a far stretch to assume that the total may be much higher than assumed previously.
This is a serious concern, and understandably, Chairman Darrell Issa has taken action to bring back Gruber to set the record straight.
Issa had this to say on the issue:
“As one of the architects of ObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber is in a unique position to shed light on the ‘lack of transparency’ surrounding the passage of the President’s health care law, however he has so far been unwilling to fully comply with the Oversight Committee’s repeated requests…This week, Dr. Gruber repeatedly refused to answer several key questions, including the amount of taxpayer funds he received for his work on ObamaCare. The American people deserve not just an apology, but a full accounting, which Dr. Gruber must provide.”
We agree, especially because there is reason to doubt the honesty of Gruber’s sworn testimony — especially his repeated denials that helped write Obamacare, isnsiting he only provided his microsimulation economic model.
GRUBER in MIT lecture: “I helped write it.”: via @YouTube
— Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) December 10, 2014
Gruber claims this NYT reporting was wrong, and that he asked for a correction. I don’t believe him.
— Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) December 12, 2014
Hi @crampell: In sworn testimony, Gruber said he asked you to correct your reporting that he helped draft Obamacare. Did that happen?
— Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) December 12, 2014