Fix the Tax Code

We are committed to replacing America’s corrupt, loophole-laden, confusing, and economically destructive tax code with a simple system that taxes income once and only once, ending the punitive double and triple taxation of savings and investment. We are also committed to permanent repeal of the death tax, the most unfair tax of all, and to achieving corporate tax reform to make America the best place in the world to invest, build businesses, and create jobs.

Phil Kerpen

President Obama was narrowly reelected, but the American people did not vote for tax hikes. In fact, one of Obama's major campaign themes was the claim that Romney wanted to raise taxes. The 2012 election was a status quo election; Obama was returned to the White House, but Republicans retained the House because the American people want them to continue to exercise a check and balance.

The strong House opposition to tax hikes was vindicated, not rejected, by the election.