Meet the Brains Behind Obama's Plan to Regulate the Internet - American Commitment

In the Wall Street Journal’s stunning expose of how political operatives at the White House overruled the FCC’s own experts to pave the way for this week’s upcoming vote to regulate the Internet, we learned that the key link between a small group of liberal tech executives and President Obama was David Karp, the president of Tumblr. Specifically, the Journal reported:
In a lucky coincidence, Tumblr Chief ExecutiveDavid Karp, who attended the meeting in New York, found himself seated next to Mr. Obama at a fundraiser the following day hosted by investment manager Deven Parekh.

Mr. Karp told Mr. Obama about his concerns with the net-neutrality plan backed by Mr. Wheeler, according to people familiar with the conversation. Those objections were relayed to the White House aides secretly working on an alternative.

So today’s CNBC interview where Karp was put on the spot to explain himself was absolutely stunning; his only example of a “problem” with the unregulated Internet was a single incident with Comcast blocking BitTorrent traffic back in 2007, a problem that could have beenand successfully was addressed without any heavy-handed regulations. And it only got uglier from there. Watch the deer-in-headlights and boggle that this man is responsible for America now being on the brink of reducing the free-market Internet to a government-regulated public utility:

And then go here to urge Congress to step up, do its job, and stop this outrageous power grab by the Obama administration, an FCC that has had its independence compromised, and a small cabal of hipster CEOs led by the guy who said”Ummm, uhhhh, I confess. Not my area of expertise.”