New AC Ads Blast Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown's Record - American Commitment

Washington, D.C.—American Commitment is launching a nearly $1.2 million television ad buy today in the state of Ohio exposing Sen. Sherrod Brown’s record of supporting big government policies that are hurting Buckeye State taxpayers and bankrupting our nation. The ad buy, which begins today and runs on broadcast and cable television across the state until July 10, consists of two ads titled “Best” and “Expensive.”
The ads highlight Sen. Sherrod Brown’s record of voting for the $831 billion failed stimulus, higher electricity costs, and the controversial Obama health law.
The ads urge viewers to “Tell Sherrod Brown” to “oppose wasteful spending” and “stop supporting energy policies Ohio can’t afford.”
“Sen. Sherrod Brown is hurting the very Ohio taxpayers he was elected to represent,” said Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment. “He cast the deciding vote in support of Obama’s ruinous health law, voted to increase electricity costs for Ohio residents, and supported a stimulus package that increased the national debt while failing to deliver the jobs it promised.”

Click here to tell Sen. Sherrod Brown: “Stop raising electric bills and cut spending!”