New Ad Profiles King v. Burwell’s Potential Winners - American Commitment

Urges Congress Not to Reimpose the Employer Mandate if Struck Down
Washington, D.C.—American Commitment is launching an ad campaign highlighting the millions of Americans suffering under Obamacare who would benefit from a decision on behalf of the Plaintiffs in the King v. Burwell Obamacare case now pending before the Supreme Court. Millions of Americans would be exempt from Obamacare’s individual mandate, millions would have the chance to regain lost hours and income at work because the 30-hour rule would no longer be in effect, and taxpayers would get relief from paying for expensive subsidies.
“Millions of Americans would benefit greatly if the Supreme Court rules for the Plaintiffs in King v. Burwell. So far, the media has refused to tell this side of the story,” said Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment. “But whatever Congress does on subsidies, they should not even consider revictimizing theKingwinners with a ‘fix’ that reimposes mandates found illegal by the Supreme Court.”
The first ad in the campaign, titled “Give Them Back Their Hours,” features the stories of two adjunct teachers, Elizabeth Honaker and Charlie Liebert, who had their teaching hours drastically cut back because of the Obamacare employer mandate’s infamous 30-hour work rule. The mandate and its 30-hour rule would no longer be in effect in federal exchange states if King prevails. Both teachers tell their story:
Elizabeth Honaker: “In 2013, my supervisor called me in and she said I have some bad news. They told me that Obamacare would forbid me from teaching more than 18 credit hours a year. Otherwise we have to give you healthcare. It just didn’t make any sense.”
Charlie Liebert: “I used to teach seven courses. And now I can only teach four as a result of Obamacare. So that’s a 40 percent decrease in my compensation. And I can work more than 30 hours, but Obamacare says I can’t. That’s absurd.”
Elizabeth Honaker: “If the Supreme Court strikes down the subsidies, it could lead to striking down the employer mandate, which would be a Godsend to me.”
Charlie Liebert: “The employer mandate may go away. If Washington says we’ll rewrite the law to make it legal, that’s just going to leave me as a victim. It’s not going to change anything.”
As the ad winds down, Elizabeth Honaker makes a plea to Congress: “I just want Congress to come to its senses. Give me back my hours, please.”
The ad concludes, “If the Supreme Court Says the Employer Mandate is Illegal, Why Would Congress Even Consider Legalizing it? Give Them Back Their Hours.”
The ad can be viewed online at:
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