New Arizona Ad Campaign Urges Rejection of ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion - American Commitment

American Commitment launched a hard-hitting online ad campaign targeting several Arizona senators—urging the rejection of Governor Jan Brewer’s controversial ObamaCare Medicaid expansion proposal. The series of ads, titled “Fight ObamaCare,” targets Sen. Rich Crandall, Sen. Adam Driggs, Sen. John McComish, Sen. Steve Pierce, and Sen. Bob Worsley.
“The ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion is disastrous policy for Arizona taxpayers, and it must be rejected,” said Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment. “This enormous government expansion will harm taxpayers with increased costs and trap more individuals in a Medicaid system that doesn’t work. This is bad politics, and even worse policy.”
The 30-second ads declare that “Forcing more Arizonans into Medicaid is a step in the wrong direction toward Obama’s massive government expansion. And a recent study shows that Medicaid doesn’t even improve physical health.”
“So if ObamaCare’s early supporters are calling it a train wreck, why are Governor Brewer and Phoenix politicians fighting for it?”
The ad concludes by urging citizens to “Tell your Senator to put Arizonans in control—not bureaucrats—and fight the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion.”
The ads can be viewed online at:
Sen. Rich Crandall Ad:
Sen. Adam Driggs Ad:
Sen. John McComish Ad:
Sen. Steve Pierce Ad:
Sen. Bob Worsley Ad: