On Wednesday, the House will vote on reauthorization of a corporate welfare slush fund known as the Export-Import Bank. The bill, H.R. 2072, would expand Ex-Im’s borrowing authority from $100 billion to $140 billion, potentially putting taxpayers on the hook for the full amount.

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Phil Kerpen on May 4, 2012 | Restore Fiscal Sanity

By Phil Kerpen
Published May 04, 2012

I once saw a very conservative member of Congress, someone I respect and with whom I have worked on many issues, tell a room full of free-market activists that he considers himself 99 percent free market capitalist and 1 percent socialist – when it comes to agricultural subsidies.

Quite simply, ag subsidies have become a third-rail entitlement and are out of control.

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Published: 1:55 PM 05/01/2012
By Phil Kerpen
President, American Commitment

High school civics students and aficionados of “Schoolhouse Rock!” can be forgiven if they are bewildered by what took place in the U.S. Senate last week. It was Barack “We Can’t Wait” Obama’s new process of turning a bill into a law — not by duly passing it in both houses of Congress, but by issuing bureaucratic dictates and counting on Senate Democrats to block any effort to stop them.

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