Obamacare supporters won’t fix their own mess - American Commitment

By Phil Kerpen and Sean Noble
Nobody facing voters this year is even attempting to defend Obamacare. Republicans are promising to replace it with a patient-centered alternative. Democrats are promising to “fix it.” The fight over the political middle is about which side will actually clean up the Obamacare mess.
The good news for Democrats is the most recent Kaiser Foundation tracking poll found 59 percent support for “improve the law” versus just 34 percent support for “repeal the law and replace it with something else.” (They stopped asking about keeping it as-is months ago. The support was single digits.)
The bad news for Democrats trying to ride the “fix it” wave is that their actions betray their words. The Senate has refused to allow even committee consideration of about 40 House-passed bills fixing the worst elements of the law. The Senate has passed zero health care bills of its own.
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