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Tim Kaine Betrayed Coal Education Campaign Launched Effort will educate voters on Kaine’s support for shuttering coal-fired power plants and federal regulations linked to mine closures and layoffs.
Bristol, VA -American Commitment announced a campaign to educate voters in Virginia’s coal fields about Tim Kaine’s record of supporting policies and regulations that are directly linked to job loss and higher electric rates. Tim Kaine wants to reduce the use of coal in our national energy picture. In an interview with Clean Skies, Kaine said he wanted to look at the nation’s energy pie chart and “Shrink the coal portion.” He’s on the record calling for cap-and-trade style regulations and closing older coal-fired power plants. These federal regulations are directly responsible for the job losses and mine closures that have plagued the Southwest Virginia, as well as increased electric rates that burden already struggling families.
“The heavy hand of government is crushing the coal industry” said Joe Gary Street, co-founder of West River Conveyors, manufacturing firm located in Oakwood, VA that furnishes machines to the coal industry. “Serving on the Coal Fields Economic Development Authority, I can tell you we’re working hard to bring jobs to southwest Virginia. So, it’s frustrating when I see people running for office who claim to be a friend of coal, but support policies like cap and trade that are killing the jobs we’re working so hard to bring.” America Commitment will host a series of events in Virginia’s coalfields to educate voters on Tim Kaine’s record on coal.
“Sadly, with the coal industry, it’s more than the miners’ jobs at stake. It’s the waitress in the diner who works 12 hour weeks serving lunch to the miners in Grundy. It’s the teacher in Dickenson County Public Schools. It’s the truck driver or railroad worker that hauls coal. The family owned company that manufactures for the coal industry. It’s a whole host of people who never set foot in or near a coal mine, whose livelihoods are impacted when Tim Kaine suggests we stop using coal, and close coal plants.” Said Ben Marchi “This isn’t about republicans or democrats. It’s not about union versus non-union. It’s about our culture and our heritage. It’s about us being able to mine our God-given natural resources and feed our families. And it’s about electing leaders who share our values – and understand the role that coal plays in our communities. Folks down here vote coal – and we’re going to connect the dots between the politicians they support and the policies that are taking the jobs. And we’re going to make sure they know Tim Kaine betrayed coal.”
For more information on the announcement or to arrange media interviews contact Ben Marchi at (410) 829-7695.
Tim Kaine Betrayed Coal is a project of American Commitment, a leading free-market public policy organization dedicated to limited government and individual freedom. American Commitment has over 4,000 activist members in Virginia.