We've struck a nerve - American Commitment

That was the deliciously appropriate subject line of a fundraising email Harry Reid sent out this morning to his email list, complaining about our ads that expose how corrupt Democrats like Reid and Mark Udall have accepted a sickening quid pro quo with San Francisco hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer — they kill the Keystone XL pipeline, and he spends $100 million on their reelection campaigns.
Here’s Reid’s email:

Of course, his claim is false — we’re running these ads out of our own general treasury funds, raised from generous donors like you. But the even more amazing thing is that Reid would characterize the ad we ran as an “attack ad,” considering it actually starts with the line “Harry Reid is on the attack,” and is told entirely by Harry Reid using his own words. If Reid has any concerns about unfair attacks, he should look in the mirror. Judge for yourself:

Interestingly, Reid’s unhinged floor attacks on Charles and David Koch began just days after the infamous fundraiser and strategy session Senate Democrats attended at liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s house. Could the Koch attacks have been designed from the beginning to create cover for the monstrously corrupt quid pro quo arranged to kill the Keystone XL pipeline?
It certainly did help create a smokescreen that prevented this otherwise astonishing March 19 public threat from being a major national story:
“If we’re collectively going to put $100 million into this cycle, how much will go into key races depends on Keystone,” said top Steyer political hand Chris Lehane.
Perhaps our new Colorado ad hits just a little too close to home. Reid’s email was sent out shortly after we announced it. Again, judge for yourself:

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