Will Manchin and Collins Lead? - American Commitment

We have two op-eds this morning about tomorrow’s pending Senate vote on S. J. Res. 37, the Inhofe Resolution to overturn Obama’s Utility MACT rule and War on Coal.
In the Charleston Daily Mail I coauthored a piece with Donna Holstine urging Joe Manchin — who deserves credit for publicly supporting Inhofe Resolution — to somehow persuade his Democratic coal-state colleagues Jay Rockefeller, Bob Casey Jr., and Sherrod Brown to also vote yes.
In the Bangor Daily News I have a piece arguing that Susan Collins, who is undecided, should support the Inhofe Resolution on Utility MACT for the same reasons she worked so hard for her own amendment on its sister rule, Boiler MACT. Her leadership could also convince fellow New England moderate Republicans.