Your Tax Dollars Are Illegally Funding Lobbying (and Obama wants to make it worse!) - American Commitment

A bombshell report from the government accountability group Cause of Action reveals at least seven instances of federal tax dollars illegally funding lobbying activities for tax hikes and anti-obesity measures at the local level.
The report analyzed grants issued by the CDC under the stimulus-funded so-called Communities Putting Prevention to Work Program and found “the CDC permitted and even encouraged CPPW grantees in Arizona, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and California to violate federal law and use CPPW funds to lobby state and local governments. Internal emails, applications to the CDC outlining plans for the funds, and meeting notes blatantly show systemic corruption and use of taxpayer dollars for lobbying.”
This is a big deal because the program did not end with the stimulus, but was made permanent under Obamacare as the Prevention and Public Health Fund, a $10 billion slush fund available for grant-making without a vote of Congress.
Perhaps most shockingly, instead of prosecuting wrongdoing and rooting out corruption, the Obama administration is actually proposing weakening the legal protections against our federal tax dollars being used to restrict our freedom and raise our taxes at the local level.
Buried in the appendix to his recently released budget is a proposal from President Obama to delete Section 503(c) that limits how funds transferred under Obamacare can be spent. This is what Obama wants to strike:
(c) The prohibitions in subsections (a) and (b) shall include any activity to advocate or promote any proposed, pending or future Federal, State or local tax increase, or any proposed, pending, or future requirement or restriction on any legal consumer product, including its sale or marketing, including but not limited to the advocacy or promotion of gun control.
Draw your own conclusions.