Tell Bill Nelson:

Protect Florida Patients

Repeal the Health Care Law


The Senate shouldn’t let the IRS trample states on health care.

By Phil Kerpen

WASHINGTON - U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson is facing a growing threat in his re-election campaign -- and it's not necessarily Republican rival U.S. Rep. Connie Mack.

It's the super PAC.

American Crossroads, a political action committee overseen by conservative strategist Karl Rove, said Wednesday it has reserved $6.2 million in air time this fall to link Nelson to President Barack Obama's agenda.

A couple of weeks before President Obama's big immigration dictate, his IRS issued a more quiet but no less outrageous edict that attempts to up-end the ability of states to opt out of his health care law's new entitlement.

A new political non-profit committee called American Commitment, has opened a front on Democrats over the Affordable Care Act and has commited $1.1 million to TV ads in Florida attacking U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson on the issue.

American Commitment is led by Phil Kerpen, former principal policy strategist for Americans For Prosperity, a conservative super PAC that has been running attack ads against Nelson and President Barack Obama for months. The group also has launched ads targeting Democratic senators in Ohio, New Mexico and Wisconsin.