Tell Congress

Tell Congress

Stop Obama's Internet Takeover!

Obama wants to turn the Internet into a "public utility" that is heavily regulated and taxed.

Tell Congress to stop him!


Families businesses and jobs are being destroyed, and people who worked hard and paid taxes all their lives are punished with this unfair tax.

Tell Congress: "Bring H.R. 1105 to the floor and repeal the Death Tax!"

Bob unethically, and likely criminally, compromised his ability to represent the people of New Jersey.

Please sign our petition to Senator Bob Menendez: "Bye Bob! Please resign now!"

Urge the Senate: "Stop working for corrupt anti-American energy special interests. Support the Keystone XL Pipeline!"

They wrote the law and they should be forced to live with it -- but Obama gave Congress a special exemptiopn. That's wrong. Support Senator David Vitter's effort to end the exemption.

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