Phil Kerpen on April 9, 2012 | Restore Fiscal Sanity

Published: 3:12 PM 04/09/2012
By Phil Kerpen

Don’t feel bad if you had never heard of the General Services Administration (GSA) before the recent scandal over its lavish Las Vegas junket and other egregious misuses of taxpayer funds. This obscure, ridiculously out-of-date federal bureaucracy exists only to do a bunch of things that the government has no business doing.

According to Martha Johnson, the now-former GSA administrator who resigned in disgrace, the GSA is a combination of Office Depot, Home Depot, an airline and a real estate agency. Considering that office supplies, building supplies, airlines and real estate agencies exist in abundance in the private sector, why not seize on this scandal as an opportunity to shut down this ridiculous agency?

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Phil Kerpen on April 6, 2012 | End Regulatory Tyranny

By Phil Kerpen
Published April 06, 2012 |

Six months ago, the Federal Reserve implemented price controls on debit card swipe fees under the Durbin Amendment, one of the many deeply misguided provisions of Dodd-Frank.

Proponents of the price controls insisted that the lower transaction fees would be passed on to customers in lower prices at the register, but six months of experience have shown that this experiment in regulatory intrusion has been all pain and no gain for consumers.

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