Phil Kerpen on June 11, 2012 | End Regulatory Tyranny, Unlock American Energy

With the pending vote on Senator Jim Inhofe's S.J. Res 37 coming any day, Democrats are deeply concerned that a centerpiece of President Obama's regulatory War on Coal is about to go down in flames.  The only way Democrats can prevent that outcome is by having multiple vulnerable in-cycle Democrats join Obama's War on Coal, against their own political interests.

The only Senate Republican who has publicly sided with Obama in support of the disastrous Utility MACT regulation that would cripple coal-fired power plants and therefore imperil the U.S. economic recovery is Tennessee's Lamar Alexander, and we've exposed him to his constituents in a hard-hitting TV ad.

The outcome of the vote, which is not subject to filibuster, is on a razor's edge.  But Senator Alexander, who is under the mistaken impression that this economically devastating regulation will make his mountain retreat slightly more picturesque, refuses to back down.

Instead, according to sources on Capitol Hill, Alexander is poised to make a desperate attempt to get himself off the hook politically, thwart Inhofe's resolution and give Obama's War on Coal a green light. The ploy is a phony amendment, reportedly being offered with Arkansas's Mark Pryor that would extend the timeline for the Utility MACT rule from four years to six.

The amendment would not and could not pass, because it will surely be filibustered by Barbara Boxer. Inhofe's resolution needs 50 votes and has a good chance of getting there; the phony Alexander amendment will need 60 and be dead-on-arrival.  And even if by some miracle it could pass, the Alexander amendment would accomplish little -- delaying a disastrous rule is hardly a victory, and most plants will close rather than attempt expensive retrofits no matter how many years they are given.

After West Virginia, no state is hit harder by Obama's War on Coal than Kentucky.  It's time for Mitch McConnell to enforce some party discipline and explain to Alexander that this vote and this issue are far too important economically for phony political amendments and games that would pave the way for Obama to accomplish his goal of making electricity prices "necessarily skyrocket" and making it so that "if somebody wants to build a coal plant, they can — it’s just that it will bankrupt them."

If Alexander does offer the amendment, neither he nor anyone who votes for it should be let off the hook politically if they fail to vote for the only real vehicle that can put the brakes on the War on Coal, the Inhofe Resolution.

Phil Kerpen on June 11, 2012 | End Regulatory Tyranny, Unlock American Energy

American Commitment led a broad coalition of free-market and conservative groups that today sent a letter to the Senate urging support for Senator Jim Inhofe's S.J. Res. 37 to overturn the Utility MACT rule.

The letter, signed by key national groups including FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, Crossroads GPS, and Heritage Action as well as key state groups including the Ohio Liberty Coalition, United for Missouri, the Nashville Tea Party, and the Commonwealth Foundation.

The letter concludes:

We urge you to take your responsibility as a United States Senator seriously and to stop the effort to usurp legislative power and make electricity prices skyrocket via the Utility MACT rule. We urge you to VOTE YES on S.J. Res. 37.

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Phil Kerpen on June 8, 2012 | End Regulatory Tyranny, Unlock American Energy

American Commitment is launching a $1 million campaign aimed at stopping President Obama’s War on Coal.  The campaign urges the United States Senate to support the Inhofe Resolution, S. J. Res. 37, to overturn the controversial Utility MACT regulation.

The Tennessee ad (“Alexander Joins Obama’s War on Coal”) criticizes the Republican senator for siding with Obama in his War on Coal, and urges him to reconsider.

The West Virginia ad (“Manchin, It’s Time to Lead”) recognizes that Senator Manchin is likely to vote right, but urges him to step up and be a leader.

American Commitment is also promoting a National Petition to Stop the War on Coal that has already resulted in over 20,000 letters to the Senate to support the Inhofe Resolution.  It is available at

Phil Kerpen on June 7, 2012 |

As Obama heads to Las Vegas to tout a fake controversy over extending subsidized interest rates on federal Stafford Loans, American Commitment released a new video that explains the remarkably low stakes in this distraction from the real issue for new graduates: jobs.

Phil Kerpen on June 5, 2012 | End Regulatory Tyranny, Unlock American Energy

It's an outrage. One EPA administrator already resigned for admitting he likes to crucify oil and gas companies.  Now another EPA administrator has admitted what we already knew -- that the Obama administration intends to destroy the coal industry.  That's bad news for anyone who turns on a light switch, because it means steeply higher electricity prices.

“If you want to build a coal plant you got a big problem. That was a huge decision,” EPA Region 1 Administrator Curt Spalding said at Yale University of the new regulations that effectively ban new coal-fired power plants.

“You can’t imagine how tough that was, because you got to remember if you go to West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and all those places, you have coal communities who depend on coal. And to say that we just think those communities should just go away, we can’t do that."

But they did do that. And now they've been exposed.

The question is, can they be stopped? Yes, but we need your help.

Click on NOW to tell the Senate to VOTE YES on S.J. Res 37 and stop the war on coal!

The centerpiece of the War on Coal is a rule called Utility MACT that will significantly raise electricity prices across the country, undermine the reliability of the grid risking blackouts and brownouts, and cost tens of billions of dollars.

Obama said he wanted electricity prices to "necessarily skyrocket" and to "bankrupt coal."  If we can stop this Utility MACT rule, we'll deal a huge setback to an administration that wants coal communities to "just go away."

Please take action today, the vote could happen any time between now and the end of next week. It will be a very close vote and is not subject to filibuster.

Click on NOW to tell the Senate to VOTE YES on S.J. Res 37 and stop the war on coal!